FMA 5th international symposium

5th International Symposium on Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism.




Done in partnership with the Integrated Master in Architecture of ESAP, with the Department of Architecture of ESAP, with the ISTAR-IUL / Research Center in Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture, with the ISCTE-IUL / Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, with the DAU / ISCTE-IUL Department of Architecture and Urbanism and the ISTA / School of Technologies and Architecture. The Symposium took place in October 2020.

The main purpose of this symposium is a contribution to the debate in the fields of Architecture and Urbanism on the application of new formal methods to emerging societal and technical problems. Formal methods will be focused on methodological advances based on new developments coming from collaborative work with Mathematics and Computer Sciences which enables several different grades of abstraction and formalization.

From the millennial geometry to current shape grammars, several formal approaches to Architecture and Urbanism are welcome to be presented. The aim of the symposium is to discuss, disseminate and promote the use of formal methods in the creation of new explicit languages for problem-solving in Architecture and Urbanism.

We will discuss current problems in the field and the potentials and drawbacks of the use of formal methods to address them.

These problems range from production, sustainability, representation, communication, heritage among others, never ceasing to see Architecture and Urbanism as technological activities and well as artistic ones.