The LIAD – Architecture and Design Research Laboratory, is an organic structure of the Escola Superior Artística do Porto, incorporated under the Statute of the ESAP.

It is a center for studies that aims to develop and frame research activities, whether artistic, scientific or of technological development in the disciplinary fields of Architecture, Building and Urban Planning, supporting the development of academical research.

It promotes collaboration with the activities developed under the courses and organizational research units of the ESAP, also seeking to establish a dynamic relationship with the outside world, through protocols of service and collaboration with other institutions.

It promotes the disclosure of the results of research activity, organizing events of scientific, cultural and artistic nature, as well as other kind of similar initiatives.

Fátima Fernandes

IR of the Group of Architecture and Landscape

paolo marcolin

IR of the Group of Studies of Urbanism

sérgio mendes

IR of the Group Architecture and Technology Studies

susana milão

IR of the Group of Transdisciplinary Studies

Scientific board

The Scientific Council is responsible for the overall leadership of the Laboratório de Investigação em Arquitetura e Design (LIAD) and, in partnership with its constituent members, sets its values, standards, goals and objectives, ensuring that research projects are developed accordingly.

Fátima Fernandes

Franklim Morais

Joaquim Flores

Michelle Cannatá

Paolo Marcolin

Susana Milão

José Luís Guimarães

Sérgio Mendes