FMA 4th international symposium

4th Symposium on Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism, organized by LIAD, MIA, and DARQ. The Symposium took place at ESAP between 2 and 6 April 2018.

1st Opo’Arch Meeting

1st Opo’Arch Meeting (meeting held under the OPO’Arch Formal Methods project).
Organization: Jorge Vieira VAZ, Michele CANNATÀ and Joaquim FLORES
March 9, 2017 – Belmonte Palace – Porto – Portugal

OPO’ARCH Formal Methods

(NORTE-01-0246-FEDER-000013), project approved, with a total investment of 561.600,00€, 85% co-financed by the Norte2020 program.

FMA 3rd international symposium

Formal Methods in Architecture: 3rd international symposium, November / December 2015, ESAP, Porto. International symposium that included a call-for-papers, an exhibition of works that use formal methods and the presentation of DephtSpace 3D – computer application for three-dimensional syntax.